6 Ways to Get Your Nashville Area Home Ready to Sell in 2021

When you decide to sell your home, there’s a lot to consider. Getting the right agent, closing partner, and listing the home is only one small part of the equation. Before you do that, you want to make sure your home is as ready for showings as possible. Here are six tips to consider to get your Nashville area home ready to sell in 2021.

1. Make Those Small Repairs

Broken cabinet hinges, squeaking doors, chipped paint, and other minor problems can really hurt the value of a home. Even if the home’s bones are good and everything’s structurally sound, little¬†issues make a house look poorly maintained. That can cause potential buyers to get nervous, or wonder what else is wrong with the property.

2. Don’t Underestimate a Fresh Coat of Paint

Old paint, especially if it’s in non-neutral colors, can easily make a home feel dated. A fresh coat of paint will have a nice, clean look. It can also mask little imperfections and give a much better first impression to potential buyers. With fresh paint, a space can appear much brighter and more inviting.

3. The Yard Should Be Welcoming

When buyers come to look at the house, you don’t want them to see weeds, yard debris and a questionable path to the front door. Curb appeal is very important, and a well-kept, clean yard can feel much more welcoming to buyers who are considering your home.

4. Minor Upgrades Can Mean Big Benefits

Even if you don’t want to remodel your kitchen to get a better selling price, small updates can help. For example, you can upgrade the light fixtures and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, or put down new flooring. Some cabinets can also be painted, depending on the type of material. Upgrades give a home a fresher, cleaner look many buyers want and expect.

5. De-Clutter and Choose a Neutral Look

You might love your family very much, but put their pictures and knickknacks away when you plan to sell your home. Buyers want to visualize themselves in the space, and that’s harder to do when they’re surrounded by pictures and other items that clearly belong to someone else. Packing those things up during the selling process and hanging neutral artwork can go a long way toward a faster sale.

6. Hire a Professional to Make it Shine

A professional house cleaning service can be a brilliant investment when getting your home ready to sell. The cleaner your home feels to buyers, the more comfortable they may be with purchasing it. Even if you typically keep your home spotless, a deep cleaning from a professional company could add the extra level of freshness a buyer will really appreciate.

When you get your Nashville area home ready to sell, it’s easier to sell your home faster and for a better price. Remember, your home doesn’t have to be perfect to make a good impression. But you want to be sure you’re keeping it neat and clean, and it’s well maintained. Then buyers will feel more comfortable there and feel like they’re getting a good deal for a quality home they can love for a long time.

Once you’ve done the necessary work and your Middle TN home is under contract, please use McCann & Hubbard to close the transaction.¬† Give us a call to make an appointment.

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