Real Estate Closings: Residential & Commercial

McCann & Hubbard has been representing buyers, sellers, and lenders in real estate closings for years.  We are an independent title agent and often work as a facilitator, an unbiased and non-obligated administrator to the transaction; handling both the buyer’s and the seller’s sides of the transaction (everyone closing at the same location offers convenience and a seamless transaction).  Or we can represent one party to a transaction, working solely to protect that party’s rights.  We are comfortable in either position.  We also frequently assist in negotiating compromises to issues arising between parties.  Our best value is the fact that we have the deep experience to see potential problems or issues before they become major problems or issues, and to resolve those matters – often without anyone even realizing what problem solving we have done behind the scenes.  Because of all the above, we are thankful to have had much repeat business from many satisfied clients and their friends and family.

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