Estate Planning

Estate planning is not simply the documents your attorney prepares, nor is it the insurance or financial plan you obtain from your financial advisor. Done properly, estate planning encompasses at least the legal and financial elements, but it may include more as estate planning often points out the need to plan for:

  • asset protection for your lifetime and for your heirs
  • retirement
  • providing for a surviving spouse in the event of your disability and/or death
  • providing for a parent or a child with special needs
  • long-term health care costs
  • estate taxes
  • a business succession plan at your retirement, disability and/or death that could involve a family member, business partner, employees or outside sale.

To meet your needs and accomplish your goals, many people find they can benefit from having a team of advisors involved in the process from the beginning. Call us if you need a consultation to discuss our legal services. We are ready to help you with any of your legal needs.
Click here to download or print a copy of the estate planning questionnaire.